Few Signs That Your PC Needs More Memory

Adding PC MemoryAs a PC owner, it will be better if you can update it after a certain period. One of the most important update that you should perform for your computer is the PC’s memory.

But, you do not have to worry because computer memory is one of the cheapest computer parts that you can buy easily in many computer stores, and it is very easy to install it in your computer so you can do it by yourselves.

Here are few signs or symptoms that could be showing that your PC needs to upgrade its memory;

If you open more than 5 applications or programs then the PC is crashes or its performance is slowing down, it could be meant that your computer will need more memory to assist them to maintain its performance.

If your PC has been running for around 10 hours or more and then your computer’s task bar is showing message that the memory is low, then you should increase your PC’s memory.

If you are on the internet using many browser tabs or several browsers’ window then suddenly your PC’s performance is dropping suddenly, that is mean your computer need more memory.

Other simple method is by running a game. If the game’s speed is fluctuating or unstable, that cans also indicating that your computer needs more memory. Usually, every computer games will put the minimum memory requirement from the computer to run the game on the game’s box cover or installation files. So, it will be better if you get more than the minimum requirement to make sure the game will run smoothly.

Upgrading your OS (operation system) will also require more memory. Find out the computer memory that is needed to upgrade your OS from the OS technical support or vendor or from the computer store.

Getting memory for your PC is relatively very easy. You can purchase it from any computer store and explain it to them about your PC type and model and the amount memory that you need for your purposes.

Installing the new memory is very easy, so you can do it by yourselves. Or if you are hesitate and do not know how to do it, you can bring your PC to the computer store, and ask the staff to install it for you.

Computer memory will improve your PC speed to perform its functions and improve its performance. Therefore, you should not hesitate to improve your computer memory when your PC is showing the signs of lacking the memory.

Beware With the Internet Crimes

With the fast development of computer technology, we have been able to improve our lives and make many thing become much simpler. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing many bad side of the computer usage that connecting with the crimes activities that are also benefiting from the technology development.

We all have heard about many cases that related with computer crimes. We need to be cautious to prevent ourselves become the victim of these crimes. Here are some examples of computer crimes that are commonly happens;

Internet crimes

The ugly side of Internet has provided many chances for criminals to create serious problems for other people and law enforcement agencies. Due to the easiness and size from the Internet media itself, the crimes grow rapidly and hard to control and difficult to trace. The criminals can easily perform their activities from untraceable place without direct interaction to their victims.

Credit card frauds

This crime has become very common on the Internet. This is because around more than 90% transactions on the Internet are using credit cards. There are many methods that are used in the credit card fraud.

The most common methods to get the get the credit card information is by stealing their victim’s credit card numbers or using special software that generating credit card number. Stealing credit card’s number can be done in many ways such as literally steal the actual credit card to find out the card’s number and making online transaction or making purchases in real stores until the credit limits run out.

The perpetrator can also steal the real store’s data where the victims are shopping in physical stores. People need to pay attention about the store’s receipt when they are paying the real stores using their credit cards. They must handle the receipts or other statements that revealing their credit number in a proper manner.

Some are free software and websites are able to generate credit card’s number and also its VCC numbers. Some criminals are often used this method to make purchase on online stores. Stores who do not equip their websites with the security scripts that is connected to the real credit card provider are often become prey by this method.

These days, the credit card companies are using more secure methods to protect their clients’ credit card credential and also the online stores’ security when performing transaction on the internet. Therefore, it will be best if people are shopping with the trusted and reliable websites.

Online auction frauds

In this method, the criminals will held an online auction using other people pictures. After they have collected the payment from the fake auction they do not send the merchandise to the auction winner. Most of the time, they will disappear and repeat their actions under different name.

Email fraud

Using email, the criminal will try to conn their victims with fake commercials, schemes, fake offers or even personal email. These emails scams are also known as spam (short personal annoying message). Using free email services, the criminal can easily send thousands of spam every hour.

Few Basic Keyboard Shortcuts When the Mouse Is Broken

There are many devices which can assist and make it easier when you are using a computer. One of the most important from those devices is the computer mouse. Computer mouse has become standard accessories in every PC. It help computer user to navigate within the computer screen and run it with just one click.

Unfortunately, some of these devices are rather easily broken and have short life. So, most of them are consider as disposable devices. When they have become broken and unrepairable, especially during important work, it will become quite annoying situation.

So, what should we do if the computer mouse has ceased to function and cannot be fixed when you are working an important document? Some people would become very worry, panic, and went to the closest electronic store immediately.

While there is nothing wrong with that action, but what if this situation is happen at night while most of the stores will not be open until 9am? Should you abandon the document that you are working on and waiting anxiously until the morning when the store is open?

So, if you are desperate to finish the important document that you are working on without using the mouse, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to perform various important functions without using the mouse. Therefore, you can continue to working on the document until the store has opened.

Here are some important shortcut keys that you can use to replace some of the PC mouse’s important functions;

Ctrl + S – to immediately save your work or changes in the document

Ctrl + O – to open the window of files that you want to opened

Ctrl + B – to change the fonts into Bold shape

Ctrl + I – to change the fonts into Italic shape

Ctrl + U – to put underline below the fonts

Ctrl + X – to cut highlighted characters or picture

Ctrl + W – to close the current windows

Ctrl + R – to arrange the document to the right alignment

Ctrl + L – to arrange the document to the left alignment

Ctrl + E – to arrange the document to the center alignment (especially in Word application)

Ctrl + Z – to undo the last changes or action

Ctrl + Y – to repeat the last action or redo the action that has been undone with Ctrl + Z

Ctrl + Shift + arrow – to highlight characters

Ctrl + Shift + DEL – to delete a word on the right side of cursor

Ctrl + Shift + Backspace – to delete a word on the left side of cursor

Ctrl + left/right arrow – to move the cursor between words or hyphen

Shift F7 – to activate the Thesaurus feature

F7 – to activate the spelling and grammar check feature

F12 – to save the document under different name (Save as)

Windows + D – minimize all the active windows to shows the desktop

Alt + Tab – switches the current window with other windows that are currently active on the desktop

F5 – refreshes the active window or browser (if you are using the Internet)

Ctrl + Esc – to show the “Start Menu” if you are using an older keyboard version that do not has Windows keys

F6 – to activate the address bar on the browser so you can type the URL

Ctrl + C – to copy the highlighted character or picture

Ctrl + V – to paste the copied character or picture

Windows + E – to open the Windows Explorer immediately and directly without using the Start Menu

Alt + F4 – to close the current window or application

If you are able to learn these basic keyboard’s shortcuts, you definitely are able to continue your work even if the mouse is malfunction. And if you are proficient with the shortcuts, you can perform your work faster without having to move in and out from keyboard to mouse for simple and basic function.

Buying a Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished LaptopsComputing freedom, independence, and mobility don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Manufacturers refurbish laptop is the laptop computers that have been returned. The laptop might have a scratched screen or other minor blemish.

In some cases, the laptop was an unwanted gift or its packaging was dented. The laptop is inspected by the manufacturer, tested for quality, and repackaged for sale at a much lower price.

While many new laptops can cost thousands of dollars, most refurbished laptop computers usually cost less than a couple of grand, and often less than $500. In most cases, they are as good as new and have a very low return rate. They even come with guarantees and warranties, just as you would expect with a new model.

A refurbished laptop can satisfy most people’s basic computing needs, such as word processing, running software, reading e-mail, creating spreadsheets, playing CDs, surfing the Internet, and more. Laptops allow access to all these features from anywhere.

All laptop manufacturers offer refurbished laptops, including such popular brands as Dell, IBM, Toshiba, and HP.

Laptop prices are affected by type of processor, operating system, modem, and network card; size of the hard drive and RAM (Random Access Memory); and whether there is a CD/DVD-ROM/RW, a video card, a sound card, and zip drive. Prices are also affected by screen size and type of chassis.

The price will be affected by all these specifications, along with how well preserved the chassis is, the name of the manufacturer, and whether you acquire the laptop form the factory or through a private dealer. Private dealers charge less, but beware: not all dealers are up to par with their refurbishing skills. Be sure to go to one that is reputable and experienced.