The USB Port Is Not Working!

USB Port Is Not WorkingThese days USB ports is become standard device not only for PC such as desktop computer or laptops, now you can also find it in other electronics product such as TV, printers, stereo system and many more. The simplicity of this port has made our activity become more convenient than before.

Unfortunately just like any other electronic device, USB port can also give you a headache when it is malfunction, especially if it happen on your PC when you are working on something important.

To solve this situation, you will need to find the reason why your computer USB port is malfunction. Fortunately there are only two reasons why the USB ports cannot read or connect to other device which are;

The device driver is corrupted or not available

When you connecting a new device with your computer USB port and receive an error notification at the bottom corner of your monitor that saying “USB Device Not Recognized”, that is mean there is something wrong with the device’s driver that makes your computer cannot connect and read the new device.

These days, any devices that can be connected with the USB port usually already have driver file installed in the device. So, when your computer is connected for the first time, the device will automatically install the driver to your computer.

But sometime the driver file in the device is corrupted or missing due to the production error, viruses or other cause. When this is happen, your computer will unable to connect with the device. When this is happen you can return the device to get new replacement if the device warranty is still valid or you can download the missing driver directly from the manufacturer’s website.

This also happen with older device or hardware. These devices do not have driver file installed in the device. The manufacturer usually put the driver file in the CD that comes with the device.

You need to install the driver CD to your computer first before connecting the device. If you happen to buy this device and cannot find the driver’s disk, you can go to the manufacturer website to download the driver file that specifically for the device or search from other source on the internet.

The USB port is damage

When the USB port is damage, your computer cannot connect the device by the USB cable. This usually happen because the connection between the USB ports with the USB cable that connecting the device with computer become loose due to the frequent usage. Therefore your computer cannot connect the device properly.

To solve this you need to replace the USB port with the new one. You can replace it yourselves, or if you are not sure about what you are doing, you can take the computer to the technician and have them replace the old USB port with the new one for you.

The Handy Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

Laptop Vacuum CleanerThese days there are many people who own a laptop or two in various sizes, types and brads. For people who have laptop, this device has become very important that could affecting their works and activity.

To keep their mobile device in a good condition, proper care and maintenance is a must. Good maintenance could be performed using some necessary steps. One of the most important steps is to maintain the cleanliness of the laptop itself.

To make it easier to clean your laptop, you can use small vacuum cleaner that specifically made to help you clean your laptop. Other than for laptop, this device can also be used for desktop computer and other electronic devices that have USB port on them.

When it comes about laptop vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to its price, size, accessories and its power. The price for this useful device is quite affordable and cheap. You can get it for less than $20, so it would not cost you a lot. Not a bad deal to help you keep your laptop clean.

The vacuum size is quite small with various shapes and colors, so you can choose the one that suit to your need. It is very handy so you can take it with you along with your laptop without taking too much of your laptop bag. Therefore you can take it out and use it whenever you need it.

But before you are deciding to buy the laptop vacuum cleaner, you should not make a rush decision. Try to find the product review in internet to find the best product with good durability. So, it would not break down after you used it for several times.

Laptop vacuum cleaner usually comes with small brush attachment. You can attach the small brush to its to nozzle to remove dirt that is hard to remove and stuck on your laptop and to clean the small gap area on your laptop keyboard and hinges that connect the laptop monitor with its mainboard.

These laptop vacuum cleaners are powered by small electrical current using the USB connection from your laptop, computer or other electronic devices that have USB port. It is quite handy so you can clean your laptop before putting it back into your laptop bag or while you are working.

Remember to clean and remove all of the collected dust and dirt from the vacuum bag after you are using the vacuum to clean your laptop, so the device can have long lasting usage in helping you to keep your laptop clean.

Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Free UpgradeMicrosoft has release the successor of Windows 7 and 8 on the late of July 29th. The new OS is called as Windows 10 (miss out the 9) and can be downloaded freely for certain Windows users.

The license of Windows 10 from the free upgrade will valid and continue to work for a life time. If your PC or laptop is using the Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, then your computer is eligible for this offer. By taking this free offer, users will receive genuine Windows 10 software along with lifetime support for the software.

The users can download the genuine Windows 10 software freely without paying a single cent directly from Microsoft. But, downloading the 3 GB of data for the software can be charged by your internet provider.

To download the Windows 10 software freely, the Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 user can click the white Windows icon near the right corner of Windows taskbar. When you click it, it will open a window that connect directly to Microsoft link and ready to download.

The free upgrade to Windows 10 offer from Microsoft is valid until the end of 2015. After this offer is ended, the software will cost you $199 for Professional version and $110 for Home version, unless Microsoft is willing to extend their offer. Those prices are also applied for users who want to get the Windows 10 right now but not eligible to receive the free upgrade offer.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 will be the last Windows version that this company release. For the future, Microsoft will continue to develop Windows 10 by updating it and adding the OS’s features, ability, fixing the bugs and other improvement regularly. Although, they also have done this with the previous Windows version such as in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Corrupted Registry Slowing Your PC Down

We are often hear that many PC user complain that their laptop or desktop computer become slow that it should be without any particular reason. They cannot figure out what went wrong despite they had perform many basic options to improve their computer speed.

We have been discussing about few basics steps to improve our PC’s speed on previous post, but the truth is there are still many reasons that can cause our computer’s speed become slow, especially for PC that using the Windows OS. And one of the most common reasons that causing the computer slowing down is the damage from the windows registry.

There are many reasons that can cause the windows registry become corrupted such as; sudden black out or shut down, crash or do not have enough memory when executing a task or function. When PC is turn on, windows registry will store the information and keys from all of the active system, files, programs and applications.

If a file or application is removed from the system, its information and keys will automatically remove from the registry. But, because of some slight malfunction or disturbance as mentioned above or because other causes, those keys and information cannot be deleted entirely from the registry and remain in the registry despite the file or application has removed from the system properly.

The remaining information in windows registry will use the PC’s memory as if the file still exists though the file is no longer present. Therefore your PC cannot maximize the use of its memory to run the system thus it will slow down the computer performance.

To handle this situation, you can search for a registry cleaner software and install it to your PC. You will easily find such program in the internet freely. This software will scan your computer’s files and system to find all of the corrupted or unwanted registry so you can decide whether to delete the corrupted registry or fix them.

This software also has a feature to make a backup file from the corrupted registry before you choose to delete those registries just in case that you wish to restore the old setting of certain file or application. By using this software, you will able to notice that your PC can run faster after those corrupted windows registries are deleted.

With this, there will be more memory that can be use by your computer to run its system. So, it will boost your computer system performance instantly and improve its speed.