Things to Consider When Buying A New PC

Today we will easily find commercial ads that are offering us with new powerful PC with affordable price. This kind computers are a lot more expensive around 3 years ago that makes us cannot afford it that time.

So, the offer of powerful PCs whether it is a desktop computer or laptop with affordable price is very tempting for us to get our hand on those computers. But, if you bought those computers right now, do you understand about the features that you get from the computer?

Computer technology keep developed every year that make the most advance features and ability from 3 years ago become the basic standard of these days’ computers. But the aspect of computer ability that can help you to decide when buying a new computer are relatively stay the same, only the standard performance that keep increasing over the years.

So, here are some aspects that you need to think thoroughly when purchasing a new computer;

Computer’s Processors (CPUs)

You need to choose whether you want AMD or Intel processor that you want for your new computer. For common people who are not a die hard fan of computer technology, both processors might feel the same. So, the choice will be based on each person requirements and their budget.

Read Access Memory/RAM (Memory)

The RAM size will affect the whole PC speed and performance. These days basic PC for home is using DDR3 RAM with capability are ranging from 4GB to 8GB of memory.

Hard Drives

Many people believe that the size of computer hard drive become the main factor in deciding the right PC for them. But they must understand that despite the large size of hard drive, it would mean nothing if it not supported with an adequate and run on low RPM.

PC with large hard drive will have slow speed and performance if the hard drive is working with low RPM. The standard of hard drive for home computer these days is around 500GB with 7200 RPM.

If you want bigger hard drive, it is recommended that you also get the hard drive that is running with faster RPM. Therefore, you will not sacrifice your computer speed and performance.

Optical Drives (DVD/Blu-ray)

These days DVD-RW drive has become the standard device that is replacing the CD drive, while the Blu-ray is still optional. The price for this device is also become cheaper over the year. But due to the size of this drive, optical drive might no longer needed in the future.

After all, the flash drive or thumb drive that available these days can store larger amount of data compare to the optical drive despite the size is smaller. And the size of data that can be store definitely will keep on increasing in the future.

Graphic cards

To improve your PC graphic performance for games, videos and other graphic applications, additional graphic card is a must have. Other than for work or study, you surely want to get entertained by your computer don’t you?


You need to ask yourselves about what you need and your budget to buy the new PC. Do you have enough budgets to get more features from the computer that you choose or is it only enough to buy your basic necessity?

So, those are the basic aspect when choosing the new PC for you. Think thoroughly before you make the decision on the PC that you want to buy.

Taking the Risk When Log On To Unsecure Wi-Fi II

Although the awareness of secure Wi-Fi has increase over the years, the use of encrypted network is still low. These days, wireless network products already have security features that are installed in the products to improve the network security.

Unfortunately the setups of these features are quite troublesome, especially for non-savvy users. So, despite the efforts of the manufacturer, many of those useful features remain unused by users.

If you want to set up a Wi-Fi connection in your home, you can use this step to improve your home network security;

Alter the default name of your network access that does not reveal your private information such as name, location or business.

Turn on your Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) on the network setting and check it regularly to make sure that the WPA is stay on.

Change the router password that is given by the manufacturer.

Turn of the router remote access.

Use the Message Authentication Code (MAC) to limit the amount of users that are permitted accessing your home network.

When you are accessing public hotspots, you are opening yourselves with great risks and threat. You become an easy target for hackers who want to steal your information since the information that is going through the unsecured network can easily be accessed by anybody.

So ask yourselves this question; do you think it’s worth it to jeopardize your whole private and important information in your account just to check your email using unsecured network?

If you want to connect to unsecured network, it will be best to take on several precaution using extra security to prevent other people looking and stealing your private information when using a public hotspot. You can visit to see some basic measurements when using public hotspots.

Taking the Risk When Log On To Unsecure Wi-Fi

Many people neglecting the fact that many wireless networks are unsecured where most of them were unencrypted. The main reason of this problem is not because those people do not know the importance of Wi-Fi security, but because those people are simply do not care about the security.

Many people do not see the unsecure network as a real threat for their private electronic information. Therefore they easily log on using public Wi-Fi network or hotspots or easily share their network connection with other people such as neighbors, friends, and even offering their network access to their guests.

The cost of internet connection is also become one of big reasons why people get tempted and carelessly connect to free hotspots despite the risk of opening and sharing their private information to anybody. People who have hacking skill can easily accessing your email and browsers cookies if you are recklessly log on via public network.

The convenience of using public or free hotspots makes people jeopardizing their own private electronic information. Some of them are able to aware about the treat and willing to take an effort to prevent them log on to their private account in the public network.

Many hackers are also taking advantages of this situation by making fake access point to deceive many people to thinking that they are log on to secure network, so their private information can be accessed freely by those hackers who creating fake network or also known as rouge hotspots.

You can check the to find out more about these dangerous hotspots. Using these dangerous hotspots is like shouting your own email and user name along with your password in the street that is crowded by strangers.

In future, the use of internet users definitely will increase, especially for the wireless connection. This also will increase the amount of risks of identity and personal data theft along with other important and private information.

The USB Port Is Not Working!

USB Port Is Not WorkingThese days USB ports is become standard device not only for PC such as desktop computer or laptops, now you can also find it in other electronics product such as TV, printers, stereo system and many more. The simplicity of this port has made our activity become more convenient than before.

Unfortunately just like any other electronic device, USB port can also give you a headache when it is malfunction, especially if it happen on your PC when you are working on something important.

To solve this situation, you will need to find the reason why your computer USB port is malfunction. Fortunately there are only two reasons why the USB ports cannot read or connect to other device which are;

The device driver is corrupted or not available

When you connecting a new device with your computer USB port and receive an error notification at the bottom corner of your monitor that saying “USB Device Not Recognized”, that is mean there is something wrong with the device’s driver that makes your computer cannot connect and read the new device.

These days, any devices that can be connected with the USB port usually already have driver file installed in the device. So, when your computer is connected for the first time, the device will automatically install the driver to your computer.

But sometime the driver file in the device is corrupted or missing due to the production error, viruses or other cause. When this is happen, your computer will unable to connect with the device. When this is happen you can return the device to get new replacement if the device warranty is still valid or you can download the missing driver directly from the manufacturer’s website.

This also happen with older device or hardware. These devices do not have driver file installed in the device. The manufacturer usually put the driver file in the CD that comes with the device.

You need to install the driver CD to your computer first before connecting the device. If you happen to buy this device and cannot find the driver’s disk, you can go to the manufacturer website to download the driver file that specifically for the device or search from other source on the internet.

The USB port is damage

When the USB port is damage, your computer cannot connect the device by the USB cable. This usually happen because the connection between the USB ports with the USB cable that connecting the device with computer become loose due to the frequent usage. Therefore your computer cannot connect the device properly.

To solve this you need to replace the USB port with the new one. You can replace it yourselves, or if you are not sure about what you are doing, you can take the computer to the technician and have them replace the old USB port with the new one for you.