Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Free UpgradeMicrosoft has release the successor of Windows 7 and 8 on the late of July 29th. The new OS is called as Windows 10 (miss out the 9) and can be downloaded freely for certain Windows users.

The license of Windows 10 from the free upgrade will valid and continue to work for a life time. If your PC or laptop is using the Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, then your computer is eligible for this offer. By taking this free offer, users will receive genuine Windows 10 software along with lifetime support for the software.

The users can download the genuine Windows 10 software freely without paying a single cent directly from Microsoft. But, downloading the 3 GB of data for the software can be charged by your internet provider.

To download the Windows 10 software freely, the Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 user can click the white Windows icon near the right corner of Windows taskbar. When you click it, it will open a window that connect directly to Microsoft link and ready to download.

The free upgrade to Windows 10 offer from Microsoft is valid until the end of 2015. After this offer is ended, the software will cost you $199 for Professional version and $110 for Home version, unless Microsoft is willing to extend their offer. Those prices are also applied for users who want to get the Windows 10 right now but not eligible to receive the free upgrade offer.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 will be the last Windows version that this company release. For the future, Microsoft will continue to develop Windows 10 by updating it and adding the OS’s features, ability, fixing the bugs and other improvement regularly. Although, they also have done this with the previous Windows version such as in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Corrupted Registry Slowing Your PC Down

We are often hear that many PC user complain that their laptop or desktop computer become slow that it should be without any particular reason. They cannot figure out what went wrong despite they had perform many basic options to improve their computer speed.

We have been discussing about few basics steps to improve our PC’s speed on previous post, but the truth is there are still many reasons that can cause our computer’s speed become slow, especially for PC that using the Windows OS. And one of the most common reasons that causing the computer slowing down is the damage from the windows registry.

There are many reasons that can cause the windows registry become corrupted such as; sudden black out or shut down, crash or do not have enough memory when executing a task or function. When PC is turn on, windows registry will store the information and keys from all of the active system, files, programs and applications.

If a file or application is removed from the system, its information and keys will automatically remove from the registry. But, because of some slight malfunction or disturbance as mentioned above or because other causes, those keys and information cannot be deleted entirely from the registry and remain in the registry despite the file or application has removed from the system properly.

The remaining information in windows registry will use the PC’s memory as if the file still exists though the file is no longer present. Therefore your PC cannot maximize the use of its memory to run the system thus it will slow down the computer performance.

To handle this situation, you can search for a registry cleaner software and install it to your PC. You will easily find such program in the internet freely. This software will scan your computer’s files and system to find all of the corrupted or unwanted registry so you can decide whether to delete the corrupted registry or fix them.

This software also has a feature to make a backup file from the corrupted registry before you choose to delete those registries just in case that you wish to restore the old setting of certain file or application. By using this software, you will able to notice that your PC can run faster after those corrupted windows registries are deleted.

With this, there will be more memory that can be use by your computer to run its system. So, it will boost your computer system performance instantly and improve its speed.

Recovering the Loss of Data

We are living at the beginning of digital world where the existence of recorded data almost becomes an important aspect in every part of our lives. In any event where the data could be loss or damage, many people will become panic and stress out since it will affect the life and welfare of many people.

The threat of data loss is very real and it can happen to anyone and anytime. Data loss can be caused by many reasons such as physical damage, troubles in mechanical part, or even from some logical functions inside the data itself whether there are any errors in the function or not.

Usually most of data loss caused by an accident has high chance to be recovered. But, there is also a risk that data recovery cannot be performed, especially when the physical data container such as hard drive or disk drive is heavily damaged.

At this time you can easily find many data recovery software on the net which can assist you to save and recover all of your crucial data and information. You can either choose the premium or the free software. The special software can be used almost in any event to recover the data from most type of data storage device such as DVD, flash disk, hard drive, CD and many other media storage.

The most often reason from data loss is because the damage on the data disk and virus or malware attack. A good data recovery program will able to recover the data from most media storage that has been infected by virus even if the virus has causing the hard drive to crash.

Other than using recovery data program from the internet, there are also many company who are offering their service and expertise in recovering the data loss, especially for hard and difficult cases that cannot be solved only by using the data recovery program from the internet.

Their method usually using various advance technique, tools and customize programming that is built and developed by their own programmer. Beside recovering the data, they also will minimize the data damage that often occurs during the data recovery process.

Here are some tips that you can use when recovering your data from your media storage device;

In many cases the data loss is happen because there are malfunction on the hardware side. So, first of all you will need to find out the cause of the data cannot be access. This would assist you to decide the next step that has to be use to recover your data.

If you can determine that the data loss and damage are minimal, then it will be better if you can recover the data by yourselves without using the service of data recovery consultant or companies. Those companies can cost you a lot even to recover small amount of data. Using data recovery software from the internet will be a lot cheaper and more affordable. If the loss and damage are minimal, then those programs can recover your data easily.

But, you need to make sure that the data recovery software that you choose has good review and recommendation from many both in online and offline PC magazine. This way you will be sure that you use the best data recover software and also increase the chance of success in recovering your important data without damaging it.

Find the software which has help or trouble shooting manual. So, you will be guided to the right data recovery process and find a good solution when there is trouble in the recovery process.

Before you are using the recovery data software, you might want to try to use other PC or laptop to read the media storage device. Try to attach or install the damage storage device to other PC and see if you can access the data that you want from other computer. Improper connection and installation can also make the data cannot be access.

When all of the measurement above is fail or the problem is much serious then it will be better to get the help from data recovery companies. They usually have their own method to handle severe and serious case of data loss which is supported by expert and experience staffs to help you recover your important data.

Some Facts Regarding the Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet CartridgesAn inkjet printer would be incomplete without the cartridge. If you use the proper inkjet cartridge for your printer, you will have a good quality of print out according to your need. That is the essence of connection between the inkjet printer and its cartridge.

But, we all know just how expensive the inkjet cartridge can be. But, since it is necessary to make a good quality print out, the demand for good inkjet cartridge is still high whether it is for personal use or for business and organizational purposes.

Choosing the right inkjet cartridge

For people who often need to make a print out from their PC, they will always need for a good inkjet cartridge. But, choosing the right inkjet cartridge for your inkjet printer sometimes can be quite hassle. So, here are some tips that you could use to help you choose the right cartridge;

Choose the right type. There are several types of inkjet cartridges, make sure that you choose the cartridge type that match to your inkjet printer.

Buy the cartridge from the same brand. Using the original or cartridge that has the same brand and type with your inkjet printer can cost you a lot. But, this will help you to preserve your print out quality and your inkjet printer performance.

Find the most cost effective inkjet cartridge. There are many inkjet cartridges that have the same type as your inkjet printer but not came from the same brand of your printer. These cartridges usually cost cheaper than the original cartridge. But, if you decide to use this non-original cartridge for budget reason, you need to make sure that these cartridges have good quality near as the original cartridge quality. This is to ensure that you will have good quality of print out for your work.

The amount of printed pages that could be produced the inkjet cartridge. You will able to compare the result between inkjet cartridges to find the cartridge that has low print cost per pages, especially if you are a budget oriented person.

Refiled inkjet cartridge

Refilling the inkjet cartridge with the new ink can also become a cheaper option. And it is also will be more eco-friendly to your environment because the used and empty cartridge did not get to wasted and throw away as garbage.

Here are some steps to refilling the old inkjet cartridge;

Completely emptied the cartridge from the old ink left over. This is to prevent the ink is getting clogged and disturb the ink flow.

Use the appropriate cartridge’s refilling kit. It is usually have the necessary feature to refill the ink to the cartridge.

Open the lid of cartridge’s ink container.

Insert the new ink to the syringe from the refilling kit and then pour it in to the cartridge’s ink container.

After that, closed back the lid tight

Put back the cartridge to the printer according to its position and test it out for few printed pages to make sure that the ink flow smoothly.

By using the proper inkjet cartridge for your printer, you will make sure that you will have good performance and result from your inkjet printer.